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Ultra compact surfaces

Dekton® is a sophisticated combination of raw materials used to make glass, next-generation porcelains and quartz surfaces, based on an exclusive

technological process (TSP) which produces an accelerated version of the metamorphic changes suffered by natural stone after being exposed to high

pressures and temperatures for thousands of years. Dekton® is pressed using a 25,000-ton press which converts the slab into a large format, extremely resistant, ultra-compact surface.

Beyond surfaces

Thanks to the manufacturing technology used to make Dekton®, colors and textures with varied characteristics can be obtained, from solids with outstanding purity and chromatic homogeneity and materials with veins

and movements that have a very natural appearance, to bolder color ranges or products for environment that require a more industrial appearance.

Sintered particle technology

TSP technology emulates in a few hours what nature takes thousands of years to do, through an exclusive technological process.

TSP is a process that performs sintering on mineral particles so that they link up and change the electron microscope can appreciate the reduced porosity of the material, due to the sintering process and exclusive ultra-compaction of Dekton. It’s zero porosity and the non-existence of the micro flaws that cause tension and weaknesses set DEKTON® apart from other materials.

Large format

One of the characteristics that makes the Bath Collection by Cosentino concept unique is its large format.

All the Cosentino® materials are manufactured in slab formats of more than 3 meters long by more than 1.4 wide. This enables us to cover the bathroom area with the smallest possible number of pieces, thereby obtaining greater continuity in design and better hygiene, due to the smaller number of joints.

Thanks to this extra-large slab format, it is not difficult to make XXL tiles

for wash-hand basins, shower trays or floors and walls.


High UV Resistance High Scratch resistance
High Scratch resistance Color Stability
Acid Resistant Dimensional Stability
Impact Resistant Anti-slip
Resistant to stain Bacteriostatic protection
High resistance to fire and heat Custom Design
Resistant to abrasion Ultra Fine
Resistant to ice and thawing Wide Range Colors
High mechanical Resistance Different textures
Non Porous