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Silestone® is the bestselling natural quartz surface in the world. This is not just by chance. Silestone is used both on floors as well as on kitchen and bath walls, with as few joints as possible.

Silestone bacteriostatic protection makes it unique in the world market; life is fuller when it is filled with colour and textures. There is an endless range of proposals with physical and chemical properties that are the result of years of ongoing research.

Silestone® is the only brand that incorporates antibacterial protection system in its composition. We obtain an efficient protection of the material that prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Silestone surfaces therefore provide extra hygiene.



It's the original Silestone® polished quartz surface.  The look and feel that stand the test of time. With glimmering radiance and the smooth feel of natural stone, Silestone original polished surface remains popular throughout the world. This deep and pure surface shows Silestone quartz with elegance and clarity.


The Silestone Suede finished is a remarkable textured surface that offers a uniquely soft touch and effect that is pure beauty and elegance. Maintaining the same characteristics, its soft and remarkable touch and a total color consistency give your Silestone projects an added value.


Volcano is the new Silestone texture; a soft and rustic texture, Volcano is the result of R&D effort to find an attractive surface that answers the market demand by extending the offer for those who loves the rugged materials.


Acid Resistant
More than 100 colors
Impact Resistant Different textures
Scratch Resistant 25 years’ warranty
Resistant to stain Color Stability
High resistance to fire and heat Dimensional Stability
Resistant to abrasion Anti-slip
Resistant to ice and thawing Bacteriostatic protection
High mechanical Resistance Custom Design
Non Porous  Ultra Fine